New, Conservative Leadership

  • Stronger Economy

  • Smaller Government

  • Pro Life

  • Pro 2nd Amendment

  • Better Schools

  • Anti- Common Core

  • Simpler Tax Code

  • Job Growth

Cloyce is one of the most hard working people you will ever meet and he will continue that hard work representing the people of district 38 in the Louisiana Senate.  He knows its time for a new generation of conservative leaders to step forward and offer their own ideas and a fresh perspective on the issues facing our region and our state. Click HERE to see a document describing Cloyce's thoughts on some of thee issues.  If you don't have time to read the attached document, you can see top line bullet points below. 

Bringing Jobs to Northwest LA

  • Create a flatter, simpler tax code for small businesses and families
  • Ensure Northwest LA has a coordinated, demand-driven workforce development system
  • Reduce barriers of entry into the marketplace for entrepreneurs and small businesses
FCC_FOP Endorsement.jpg

Protecting our community

  • Serves as an Asst. DA for Caddo Parish.
  • The ONLY Candidate in this race endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police.
  • Helped create, write, and implement legislation that reformed our states criminal justice system. 
  • Saved the states millions of dollars, all whole improving public safety.


  • Every child deserves access to a quality education.
  • Education is the building blocks to creating a better future for our families.
  • Anti-Common Core, Pro Higher Standards.
  • Will help build career focused education paths so everyone will have information, access, and the ability to create a better life for themselves.

Defender of the 2nd Amendment

  • Fought to pass what is commonly known as the "Louisiana's 2nd Amendment" in 2012.
  • Against any legislation that would restrict access to our right to bear arms
  • Has fought alongside the NRA defending stand your ground laws, and Won.

Supporter of Conservative Family Values

  • 100% Pro- Life.
  • Strong Christian that believes in preserving the principles our Country was built on.
  • The 1st amendment was designed as freedom "OF Religion" not "FROM Religion"
  • Pro-traditional marriage.
  • Will never vote to fund Planned Parenthood.


  • LSU Medical School is a priority for both medical service and economic reasons.
  • Will focus on empowering consumers, encouraging innovation, and ensuring access to affordable, quality insurance.
  • A more functional marketplace has to be created for health insurance, which controls cost while promoting quality and value.